An Innovative New Way to Prevent Mastitis in Cows - VERI Seal

One out of every two dairy cows suffer from mastitis at some point in their lives. This infection of the udders not only is costly for farmers to treat, but it also takes the cow out of milking commission while it is on its antibiotics course.

VERI Seal is a cost effective, teat sealant that not only treats, but also prevents mastitis in cows with regular use.


Why are we better than what is already out there?

  • Non-antibiotic prevention of bacterial growth
  • Easier to remove (without any residue)

VERI Seal uses its patented VERI Nano Technology to prevent bacterial growth-antibiotic free! Our sealant can be removed in one piece without leaving behind any residue in the teat, making the milk suitable for consumption sooner.

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